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Real Fitness for Real People

In person or on Zoom

All pictures used on this website are taken of real clients during regular Jo’s Thing sessions.

Personal Training



St Nicholas Rest Gardens, Dyke Road, Brighton

Partner Training 


St Nicholas Rest Gardens, Dyke Road, Brighton

Light Training


10.15 on Fridays


Zoom groups



11am Mondays and Fridays

1:1 personal training

St Nicholas Rest Gardens, Dyke Road, Brighton


Private sessions, tailored around your goals

1:1 personal training

Cost: £160 for a block of four 45 minute sessions (or you are welcome to book a one off session to see if we’re a good fit (no pun intended…) for £40).

These sessions will be tailored to achieve your personal goals. We’ll work on your core strength, cardiovascular strength and general body strength. Beyond that will depend on exactly what you’re looking to achieve. 

All fitness levels welcome. Don’t worry that you’re not fit enough; if you can get to the park, then we can do the rest together.

Get in touch to discuss what you want to achieve as well as any injuries/worries etc that you may have. Since lockdown, I’m now in the park on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, following COVID-safe guidelines. You will be asked to use hand sanitiser before and after using my equipment and I will not touch you to correct your form. If you would like to box, I wear a mask and face shield.

Feel free to get in touch to ask questions, book a session or discuss the option of virtual Personal Training on Zoom (£25/30 minutes).

Partner training

St Nicholas Rest Gardens, Dyke Road, Brighton


Private sessions, tailored around goals for both of you

Partner Training

Cost: £200 for a block of four 45 minute sessions (or you’re welcome to book a one off session for £50 to see if you think it suits your needs).

You needn’t train with your partner. Bring a friend, a colleague or that person you met at zumba who mentioned they were looking for a personal trainer.

If you’re the same fitness level, that’s great but it really doesn’t matter. If you’re worried that the difference is too big then give me a call and I’ll tell you if I think we can make it work.

Since lockdown, I work in the park following COVID-safe guidelines on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I will ask you to use hand sanitiser before and after using my equipment and will not touch you to correct your form.

Do get in touch so that we can find a time which suits us both. If you need flexibility then that’s fine too providing you give me notice that you need to change your time.

Get in touch to find a time which we can all make, discuss your goals and current fitness levels and then we can get you started.

Light Training

30 minutes, on Zoom

10.15am on Fridays

Light Training

NB These sessions now take place on Zoom and are 30 minutes. £7.50 per session payable calendar monthly.

There are no age limits. Currently, the age range is 50 – 70, but if you’re younger than 50 and would like a slightly lighter session or are older than 70 and want to be fitter then come along! 

All fitness levels welcome. If you can get to the park, you are fit enough. Sometimes my regular clients use these sessions as rehab sessions when coming back from injury. My oldest client had had a serious foot injury before she started but is now running and jumping…

If you can’t run or skip, it will still be worth it, we work on your core strength as well as general strength and we can do that without the need to run or jump.

To sign up simply get in touch with Jo.

Zoom Training

Mondays and Fridays at 11am


Group Training on Zoom

Since lockdown, our groups sessions are not meeting in person, but don’t worry as the sessions on Zoom are still high intensity, with lots of support from each other with the benefit of only taking up half an hour of your day.

If you miss getting to your usual group training, you’re very welcome to join our merry Zoom Crew. We meet at 11am on Mondays and Fridays for a high intensity 30 minute session. The sessions are recorded and kept online for 2 weeks, so if you miss a session or would like to do more than 2 sessions per week you are very welcome to train from the recording. Those who do, say that it is just like the real thing!

Each 30 minute session will include a warmup, followed by core, strength and cardio work. And laughter. 

You are welcome to join us whatever your fitness level. Some of our clients are complete beginners, others have been with us for years and are super fit. Everything can be tailored to your current level.

You’ll need to commit to a calendar month at a time, twice per week but are more than welcome to join a session first to see if it suits you. 

£15/week including access to recordings if you’d like to do more than two sessions per week. 

Remember that your first group session is always a free session with zero commitment required!

Why Jo?

“She’s a people person”

Jo has worked with people all her life. After many years developing people in the corporate world, she transferred her skills to helping people believe in their bodies and since launching Jo’s Thing in 2010 has helped transform hundreds of lives across Brighton.


“She walks the talk”

Jo was a competitive gymnast in her teens. After having 3 kids in quick succession, she fought the flab by running the London marathon, twice. 

She’s a triathlon winner, a double British and World Record holder in Indoor Rowing and has won a podium place in the Cyprus 10k every year from 2015 to 2018.


“She believes in my body!”

Regardless of what you think your body is capable of, Jo has an innate ability to find what your strengths are and to help you achieve beyond what you ever thought possible. She pushes you out of your comfort zone, but always brings you back quickly!

Jo is a fully qualified Level 3 Master Personal Trainer, Padbox Instructor, Advanced Strap Trainer, Extreme Kettlebell Instructor, First Aider and is fully insured.